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Our pies are handmade right here in the Barn's full service Bakery. We are known for the two extraordinary pies we make, Apple Crumble Pie & Barn Specialty Pecan Pie.

We keep plenty made, but you are welcome to reserve your pies by calling 575-682-2276.

Sorry, we do not ship pies.

We serve pie slices to go,

or warmed with ice cream

to enjoy this memorable dessert outside on our deck.

Other baked delights to enjoy 

are the Big Barn Brownie and Old-fashioned Oatmeal Raisin cookie.

We also make amazing Caramel Fudge Apples dipped

in Pecans, Fudge Pecan Caramel Bear Paws, and Pralined or Green Chile Nuts, all great treats!



Our gourmet fudge is made by us right here at the Barn. We use only the finest ingredients and don't skimp on the nuts! Our signature fudges are famed in the area and make wonderful gifts.


Currently we are offering

an instore FUDGE Special:

Buy one pound of our Fudge and get a half pound free!!

Easily Shop Fudge Online for Favorite Flavors...they may be the best you'll ever have!

Go to

to see all the specialty and classic flavors. Know that Fudge ships great all year.


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Special in early summer are the Mountain Park cherries, some of the best you'll ever enjoy.


Here at the Barn we are able to make a real-cherry cider.

It is popular as Cherry Cider Ice, most memorable on a very hot day, and in half-gallon jugs and pints to go.


Be sure to get a free sample at the counter. Know also that this Cherry Cider makes fabulous popscicles and ice cubes to plunk into your lemonade, Coke, wine and ice tea! 


Many of our customers make the trek to the Barn to enjoy it and take some home for friends...and themselves! 



We feature an old-fashioned Soda Fountain with our very own Creamy RootBeer and Cream Soda, made just like the old days in 1898.


Also on tap is a delightful and very refreshing Sparkling Pink Lemonade, made to blend with your choice flavors of Strawberry, Peach or Cherry.

Enjoy delicious Floats:

Rootbeer, Creme-Soda, Orange-Dreamscicle,

Cherry-Vanilla, and a Chocolate-Soda Float.


A specialty Barn original is

the Cloudcroft Float: Vanilla Clouds in a Blueberry Sky!

A variety of Vintage bottled sodas are available as well.

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